Documentaries offer the opportunity to show different perspectives and different storylines. It gives you the opportunity to take people on your journey within that story. What you encounter in it and what it does to you. You can color this story with atmospheres in which image -, editing choices, and music are decisive.

Each documentary requires its own translation. Each story requires its own rhythm, its own sound, and color. As far as I am concerned, there is no fixed structure for this. A documentary can be told in so many different ways. With or without music. With a guide who, like a commentary voice, leads you through the story. Or without a guide? What serves the story and your purpose? I have many years of experience in making different documentaries. From sports documentaries, Efteling documentaries, and War Child documentaries to documentaries that focus on one person or one theme. Together with the client, I determine the focus, objective, and atmosphere of the story.