Michaela De Prince

A War Child On Top of the World

On this trip, I came up with this photo. On top of the War Child car as a symbol that as a child of war she had "risen above it" and is now a beautiful world-famous ballerina! When I suggested this image, Michaela and the photographer Jeppe Schilder looked at me and said; Serious?! But I saw the fun in Michaela's eyes and she climbed on top of that car while 300 children in that refugee camp were watching and just laughing! Michaela of course started fooling around with them while she was on top of that car and taking crazy poses and pretending to fall! The Oohhs and the Ahhhhs were amazing! She ended up taking some wonderful poses and the kids started clapping excitedly while they had no idea what these poses were! I will never forget this photo session for the rest of my life! And hope that we were able to leave an image and memory of a beautiful, cheerful, humorous black African girl, who like the others has been through war, but is able to perform 'On Top of The World'!

Copyright photos Michaela in Uganda - War Child - Photographer Jeppe Schilder. Composition Collage Lisette Jespers.