Media Luna produced Young Impact's concert at AHOY with Ronnie Flex, among others.

A very beautiful and special way to tell a story is with music. With a concert. For me, music is the language of the soul. Goes beyond the head straight to your heart. There are no words for that. Just sounds in which the words are embedded. With music, you can say anything, describe it and let it be experienced. Putting together a concert with a story and artists is a celebration!

A celebration where you can take people to joy, dance abundantly, to the joy of recognition, sing along loudly and then also to small and intimate songs where stadiums become silent and everyone seems moved. "There is a special kind of magic in the air." - sang Patti Austin many years ago.

I have produced several concerts including all the War Child concerts in Ahoy and the concerts for 100 years of the Peace Palace in The Hague with Trijntje Oosterhuis and the Residentie Orchestra. But also smaller surprise concerts with rappers at schools in cooperation with Top Notch and KidsRights.