Youth council


Involving the target audience

Media Luna has found that it is very important to involve the target group you want to reach in the creation process. So often, (media) products are developed by people who are not part of the target group they want to reach and who base everything on their own idea of the target group rather than on information from the target group itself. By involving young people early on in the process and giving them a real say in decisions, you can work much better from the perspective of the target group.

The Youth Council of Media Luna consists of young people from many different backgrounds and what they share is a sense of curiosity and interest. The meetings can sometimes be fierce because the backgrounds are so different, however, it always comes to a compromise. This compromise is then often another example of how as many people, and thus backgrounds, can be united in a common goal.

The Youth Council of Media Luna is involved in, for example, the commemoration Field of Honor Full of Life where it was deployed to look at the connection of the commemoration with young people. It is precisely this commemoration, with its tangible way of commemoration, that lends itself extremely well to stimulating remembrance among young people. The Youth Council elaborated on this concept and came up with concrete recommendations to reach and inform more young people about this commemoration. Additionally, the Youth Council created the artist list for the Young Impact Celebration and brainstormed on possible mass actions that could be set up from Young Impact.

During The Year of Resistance, part of the Youth Council developed the Resistance Game on behalf of SMH/Platform WW2. This game aimed to allow conversations to take place, conversations without judgment but focused on seeking common ground. No matter how divided points of view become, we are all human beings and deep down we have the same standards, values and desires. This game could be played in the pub but also in the living room and is entirely developed by young people.

The Youth Council of Media Luna is still active today and is also available for external advice. If you are interested in what the Youth Council can do for you, please get in touch.