Media Luna | To tell a story...

Stories are there to be told. There are infinite stories and infinite ways to tell them. Media Luna - Tell A Story tells stories worth telling.

At Media Luna | Tell A Story, the focus is on storytelling. The way we tell stories varies: documentaries, reportages and portraits as well as commercials, concerts and campaigns. Media Luna also provides training and workshops on Storytelling and Systemic Work.

We tell stories through video, TV programs, teaching packages for schools, etc. As an involved producer and filmmaker, we are always looking for meaning within the projects we execute with passion and inspiration. Social themes nearly always play the leading role in our productions.

In addition, Nathalie Toisuta, owner of Media Luna, is one of the initiators of Field of Honor Full of Life, a new form of commemoration. Watch a compilation of this project below, be aware that the compilation is in dutch:

Commemorating Full of Life 2018