Our Vision

The power of stories

Stories inspire, stories reflect and stories connect. As a child, I immediately loved stories. Perhaps because of what stories do. As a child, stories took me to a magical world and taught me something about life. About the world. Without taking one actual step, you could travel the world, time travel and have fantastic encounters with heroes or heroines who had amazing adventures. You got to places you never dreamed of or didn't know existed. Just from the comfort of your chair. That's what a story can do. What a gift. My love for stories has remained. Always. Eventually I wanted to tell stories and make stories myself. As a director and producer. But also as a trainer and coach. To inspire people as much as I can be inspired.

Your story

Storytelling can be done in 1,000 ways. But for me, it starts with the question: what story do you want to tell? What do you want people to experience? Why do you think it's important to tell it? Where does it touch you and why? And ultimately, what is your goal? When that is clear, when these questions are explored during the initial process and the right answers arise from that, the medium through which this is done is just a tool. It can be a documentary, a reportage, information film, commercial or campaign. An event or concert, a training or workshop or personal coaching. It always begins and ends with a story. And the medium determines how this story can be colored. With moving images, with music, with photographs, with interviews, with offering experiences or encounters.

"Anything is possible as long as the story is there..."