Concert Young Impact Celebration in Ahoy

Media Luna was responsible for the Young Impact Celebration in Ahoy where all kinds of artists perform for the young people who have made positive contributions to the world together with Young Impact. Young Impact believes that young people can positively change the world. All of them. That they have the energy and talent to make an impact. Nathalie Toisuta, owner of Media Luna was at the forefront of setting up Young Impact. Together with Ellen Kooij and Patrick, they spent many meeting rooms with many coffees thinking about what Young Impact should look like and how to call, inspire and motivate young people to contribute. The Young Impact Celebration was therefore perhaps extra special!

Sssstttt... Anecdote: Second Set Ronnie Flex Cancelled…

A great anecdote we can share in retrospect is that Ronnie Flex was one of the artists who performed at the Celebration. He was assigned for two sets in the lineup of the concert. The first set was with still the so-called unknown hits and the second set was with his big hits. But that second set was never performed again because in that first set the room was so full of young people that the organization did not think it was responsible to let Ronnie Flex perform again! What Ronnie regretted but fully understood.

In the pictures below you can see why we made this decision where Ronnie Flex has a wonderful interaction with the audience and thus with the youngsters but where we also saw that a second time Ronnie Flex would be too much.

He then took all the time he needed for an interview with our young Young Impact interviewers Tidi Stamatiou and Luca Blankenvoort. And told them all about his addiction.

Impact needs to be celebrated. That's why Young Impact organizes a big party every year with icons and artists, live performances and inspiration!