Move the World with Kids Rights in the Melkweg

For the campaign Move the World with Kids Rights, I was campaign manager and well-known rappers like Lil' Kleine, Ronnie Flex, Bokoesam and Lange Frans called attention to the fact that 57 million children worldwide cannot go to school. The goal of the campaign was to make high school students aware of the fate of children elsewhere in the world where education cannot be taken for granted. Part of this campaign included a raid by these rappers on a high school where they closed the doors and gave a unique surprise concert to help make school days a reality for children who have no education.

Also, rapper Lil' Kleine along with other high school students met Malala Yousafzai. Malala was shot in the head on her way from home to school in Pakistan. She received the Children's Peace Prize in the Hall of Knights in The Hague and met with these high school students beforehand.